Elemental Focus

Diamond Digger


With a unique puzzle mechanic, use your wits to get all of the diamonds to the bottom of the screen to collect them. Each block will crush only one other, so you need to carefully manage your playfield to avoid deadlock. Includes a puzzle mode with 40 puzzles, timed and endurance modes and leaderboards


  • Start Date:08/08/11


  • Project Lead: Christopher Powell
  • Programming: Christopher Powell
  • Art: Christopher Powell
  • Music: Maestro McAllister
  • Testing:
    • Robert May (completion time: 3:37:13)
    • Peter Newton (completion time: 4:08:26)
    • Owen Woods (completion time: 6:05:08)
    • Maestro McAllister(completion time: 7:28:07)
    • Mark Willis
    • Nicholas Tomlinson
    • Calum Burt
    • Nick Williams
    • Danielle Ainsworth
    • Dan Dyer
    • Felicity Davies
    • Jonathon Scott